ACTIVITIES|Customer care

Listening to you and taking care of all your problems

Customer Care is a team of professionals dedicated to after-sales support, ready to provide you with custom step-by-step consulting to handle any need you have and to recommend the best way to develop your business.

Operation Center

The Operation Center enables you to notify any issue and at all times you will have access to dedicated professionals ready to listen to you, provide you with support and advise you on any issue. The service is structured on three levels to satisfy your every need with a fast and effective escalation system:

Level 1: Front line support for receiving trouble reports
Level 2: The team dedicated to handling all trouble tickets
Level 3: Expert support for systems and development needs

The architecture of the service ensures immediate and fast response It is available in modules up to full 24/7 coverage. Access is by :

*telephone at 199-127-629 or 010-3747890

*by Skype CALL US

*over the web at HELP DESK ON LINE


The suite of IFM products is under constant development and evolution. In order to structure the best support scheme to fit your business model we have designed a series of maintenance agreements with varying degrees of support, extensions and service levels.