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Improve your Customer Experience

The capacity to improve the customer experience passes from tools and solutions that constantly monitor their relationship with the brand and accompany them in simplifying all phases of the purchase journey.


Transcription of conversations to improve customer service

HITY (Hidden Typist) is our solution for improving the Contract Centre’s quality and offering training activities in line with the real needs of personnel. HITY responds to corporate needs by understanding the staff’s strengths and weaknesses, without violating privacy. Usually, agent evaluation is entrusted to coaching actions in which the Contact Centre Manager shadows the operator whilst talking on the phone, with a result that is, in any case, limited to the single session. Alternatively, recordings of the conversations could be listened to successively. Nonetheless, this operation must be carefully assessed, since it opens up to possible illegitimacy regarding remote overseeing of the worker (unless the recordings undergo a process of anonymisation which could, however, render the audio somewhat unintelligible). HITY is the means for overcoming both of these issues.


How it works

Thanks to Cloud algorithms for semantic analysis made available today by the most important players, HITY transforms conversations into text. The transcription is extremely reliable, precisely because the mechanism of self-learning and Distributed Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) of the web engines is exploited, permitting an understanding of the context at hand whilst simultaneously gradually refining the understanding of the words being spoken.

The transcription guarantees the operator’s anonymity and, what’s more, lends itself to being "interrogated" by keywords, so as to identify macro themes (objections, recurrent problems, criticisms, etc.) on which to focus specific training initiatives.

I vantaggi


The anonymity of the Contact Centre employee is guaranteed


Extreme reliability in the transcribed text in respect of the audio version


The possibility of unlimited queries



based on actual experience


Who it’s for

HITY is particularly suited to inbound Contact Centres, whether in-house or outsourced, wanting to improve their Customer Experience. Indeed, its adoption ensures particularly effective monitoring of the service standards provided and indicates the most suitable corrective methods to suit the purpose.

Augmented Visual Experience

Co-browsing as you’ve never seen it before


IFM Infomaster brings augmented reality to the Contact Centre with AVEX, Augmented Visual Experience. The application allows website visitors to expand the display of the content and to interact with the human or virtual operator whilst communicating via the web or on the telephone. This is all done with extreme ease, given that AVEX can be utilised on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) without having to install any software or app.

How it work

AVEX offers a myriad of functions to meet the needs of those that turn to a Contact Centre seeking information, to solve a problem or make a purchase. In particular, AVEX is able to:

  • Propose a specific web page and position the customer regarding a specific element
  • Highlight an element of the page
  • Suggest a menu
  • Open a pop-up to view the content (text, images, videos)
  • Connect to an application, for example to download a document
  • Suggest forms with input fields that the customer can fill out
  • Allow the operator to directly fill in fields of the forms



Less time required of the client in completing determinate activities during their customer journey


Simplification in the actions commonly requested of the customer (data entry, retrieval of identification documents or credit card details)


Multiplatform, given that AVEX works regardless of the device or the browser the customer is utilising


Usable by human operators or automated attendants

Who it’s for

All Contact Centres, in particular the outbound, that aim to render the Customer Experience a point of strength for the brand. This is because AVEX transforms the purchase into an engaging and rewarding experience, as only augmented reality can.