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Customer Engagement

Do you want to enhance the Customer Experience in the omnichannel era?
Give the right answers to the right people at the right time.
You’ll be faster. You’ll have more advantages. You’ll do more business.

Our Customer Engagement Centre is designed to automatically manage the entire relationship, offering you speed that is close to real time.

Our platform integrates with all types of corporate databases, short-circuiting the information present in the ERP, CRM and DMS. New-generation Business Intelligence and Analytics that are increasingly precise and sophisticated allow you to profile and select your target, better directing all of your communications.

Not only can you generate more contacts, you can also count on a great amount of quality information and a range of analysis tools.

We have engineered inbound and outbound traffic to always ensure perfect communication. Back-end management ensures being able to monitor and assess any missed calls, average waiting and service times (applying the queueing theory), operator pauses, missed calls and discouraged calls. But we did not rest on our laurels. We continued on - our Customer Engagement Centre is set up to help you continuously set up new support services for a better rapport with all of your contacts in the market, both actual and potential..

Oriented towards global communication, #phones goes beyond the concept of multimedia and omni-channel to extend its management capacity to any signal that can be detected or implemented digitally. Indeed, #phones supports the IoT world with traditional telephony, instant messaging, emails, social media networks, Skype and WebRTC, surpassing the Omnichannel Contact Centre attributes to take on the role of a product oriented to M2M2P (Machine to Machine to People).