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Risk Management

Change gears in your management.
Learn to intercept signals and decode information
to make your actions predictive as well as proactive.

Our Customer Engagement Centre integrates cutting edge technologies to simplify management and give you the highest level of security ever.

Today, listening no longer means just managing voices and sounds. Digital technologies mean it is now possible to enhance the efficiency of actions, processing information flows organised to such an extent as to be immediately transparent, understandable and manageable. And our systems, in addition to managing devices and machinery, recognise naturally spoken language to also manage people's calls. You will rationalise and accelerate all assistance and support services, routing calls or reports according to a prioritisation of the traffic based on parameterised, standardised and consolidated settings. In this way, you can manage trouble ticketing in an extremely fast and efficient way, solving critical issues based on emergencies.

By overlapping sensors and video analysis, your assistance will be more efficient and timelier than ever. The quality of the information will allow the maintenance and control staff to intervene in a timely manner, preparing targeted actions without requiring the operator to leave the territory, considerably speeding up the time it takes to resolve the problem. All of this with advanced reporting that allows you to study flows and workloads to better handle queuing and peaks.