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Manage Emergency Workflow

Certain systems manage emergencies, where the company must adapt to the system. Instead, we adapt the system to the company, building it based on real needs.

Integrated event management

Tracing workflow, escalation, analysis ex post - all in a single solution

IFM Infomaster has applied its Contact Management technology to handle events and emergencies. In other words, it has unified the tracking of reports hailing from various sources and the activation of consequential actions into a single interface. In this way, a variety of communications originating from a number of sources and various corporate departments have been incorporated in a single solution.


How it works

The integrated management of events developed by IFM Infomaster is not limited to highlighting the fact that an event has occurred, but facilitates intelligent management. This is in virtue of its omnichannel technology thanks to which it is possible to receive and send communications through a variety of media (telephone, text message, email, instant messaging, and so on).

Upon an event occurring, the system is able to:

  • inform and request the intervention of persons who cover determinate roles, as per the company organisation chart;
  • manage the workflow;
  • set rules regarding the information management flows;
  • process reports;
  • implement escalation management;
  • activate actions or processes, even automatically;
  • follow the event until the emergency has been concluded;
  • enter notes and tasks to be associated with each company department;
  • obtain a report that assesses the times, methods and results;
  • analyse trends so as to introduce corrective actions;
  • assess the event with a predictive manner by relating it to other events that the system has detected.



A single solution to manage signals coming from a range of sources

solutions applied to workflows and emergencies

Distribution of communication organised by departments and company roles


Automating activities as a result of events


Predictability of future scenarios

Who it’s for

The IFM Infomaster’s event management system can be extended to various types of companies. Indeed, it allows communication flows, workflows and emergencies to be managed in any field, given that the sensors, digital inputs, and all sources signalling events can be part of a range of economic fields and product sectors.