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Contact Center


Today, people are looking for more than just the best product or service. They are seeking something unique with the brand that must offer them a Customer Experience, obtained by using the latest technology. This is why the Cloud and artificial intelligence contribute to rendering the Contact Centre the main instrument for consumer-oriented engagement.


A Contact Management System that serves both companies and customers

We have developed Contact Management Systems like #phones, an Omnichannel Contact Centre in the Cloud that manages all contact channels (calling, text messaging, email, instant messaging, social media), taking advantage of the entire range of possibilities that artificial intelligence has to offer. As such, not only have we integrated the system with bots and chatbots, which cut waiting times for greater user satisfaction, but we’ve also incorporated machine learning algorithms to ensure that call and interaction routing increasingly meets customer needs, transforming customer buying habits and behaviours into valuable information assets for the company. Be it for outbound campaigns or inbound services, our solutions can be applied to any field of operation and to a wide range of business sectors, optimising operators work and improving the quality perceived by customers, as well as benefits in terms of increased productivity and a return on investment, giving the companies that make use of them a competitive edge.


Technology in which chatbots and NLP always guarantee intelligent customer support

It is well-established that the customer journey today follows an everywhere, anytime and seamless logic. For this reason, a modern Contact Centre that leverages the Cloud paradigm must be able to connect the various touchpoints, contact channels both off online and offline. #phones and the systems developed by IFM Infomaster achieve this objective by virtue of their customer-centric omnichannel nature that prevents dispersions and barriers between channels along the way. In addition, there are integrated chatbots and artificial intelligence to automate conversations between companies and customers via chat launched on any third-party instant messaging platform (Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Hangout and so on) or interfaced via an API with a proprietary platform. Using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) framework, IFM Infomaster AI systems offer users 24-hour support 7 days a week, while also gathering valuable information on the most frequent requests received via chat. Finally, machine learning algorithms are constantly fine-tuning the chatbots’ interactive capacity, transforming the customer relationship with the brand into a peerlessly satisfying experience.



Unified media management in a single Contact Centre.



Immediately reachable from all platforms and any device.



Constant control, real-time monitoring and continuous adaptation of the systems.

The technologies behind the service

Thanks to semantic technologies, linked to a series of keywords representing certain emotional and cognitive areas (that is, interpreted, understood, and transformed into strategic field areas for even more focused actions), it is possible to design a call and response service that inaugurates a new era of relationships and business.

The platform’s intelligence naturally recognises the language spoken by associating it with affective computing technologies that analyse the customer’s mood whilst speaking with the operator. In this way, the system modulates personalised, timely, and efficient responses.